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Read This Disclaimer For Fucks Sake :

These are Dickcream Flash Loops, old school and still awesome. This site was awesome back in the day compared to flash sites of now-a-days. Well I mange to scavenge a few loops that are still laying around the net and I am working on finding the rest of them.

I want to give you a heads up before you decide to flood my inbox or the shoutbox like a fucking moron. Some of these flash loops are "Not Safe For Work" and get this straight, I DID NOT CREATE THESE LOOPS! I am merely hosting them here due to the large amount of requests from users on Poop Loops. All credit goes to Sodae (from Dickcream which is now a dead site) who actually created these masterfully.

I am also asking for your help if you can identify some of the titles and songs on the loops or if you can find more to archive them here, please send them to me. By clicking "I Agree" you will be taken to the loops themselves and have agreed not to pester me or the PoopLoops.com staff with moronic rants on how we ripped these off from Dickcream... because once again, we haven't.

Also Anyone who contributes there name will be added on the bottom roster.

P.S: Settle for the loops that are there, updates will come soon.

>>> I Agree take me to the Flash Loops already! <<<

Contributers: sitcom, rowlin, nestorC, angeldeath16, sirius, genobee, lily, mickey96x, 1982glasswalls, angel, mick, luis, dickcream, zeem, stl7dust, kimjong, Braunschweg, nessman, jenkins, harris potter, ex7amx, american-b, lisa, techmobongs, millsets, annie-destroy, david, nathan m, lazarus, beef, sillyputty9000, genevaforever, cy, nicos, deli, may.t, killereaagents, anti.d, robster, arty-krew, steve8, enemyofthestate, john m. castro, sitting_duck

Special Thanks: munsen, JmanX, Vladivostok
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